With a specced-out C8 RS6 costing over £100k, this Litchfield-modified C7 example is a (sort of) budget alternative

Audi - This Used Audi RS6 Has 720bhp And An Akrapovic Exhaust - Used Cars

A little later than planned thanks to Covid-19, we’ve at last driven the C8 Audi RS6. Mixing ballistic straight-line performance with dynamic capabilities that seemingly defy the car’s 2.1-tonne kerb weight, it’s a fast Audi triumph.

Trouble is, you’re expected to pay dearly for this V8-powered, wagon-shaped missile – the Launch Edition we had on test was an eye-watering £101,740. We’re not singling out the RS6 for being pricey – you’ll need to part with a similar amount of cash for the refreshed Mercedes-AMG E63 estate. That information isn’t especially helpful if you don’t have the required balance for either, so allow us to present a solution – this C7 RS6.

Audi - This Used Audi RS6 Has 720bhp And An Akrapovic Exhaust - Used Cars

Admittedly, the C7 isn’t as good in the corners as the new RS6, but it’s been around long enough for the earliest, highest-mileage examples dropping as low as £30,000. For that money, we’ll forgive the dynamic shortcomings. This 2015 example has been used more sparingly than most, however, with just 26,401 miles showing on the clock.

It plays to the C7’s main strength of straight-line go, with the already potent 553bhp twin-turbo, 4.0-litre V8 punted up to 720bhp thanks to a Stage 2 package from Litchfield. The current owner, who took the keys three years ago, spent £7000 at the renown British tuner.

Audi - This Used Audi RS6 Has 720bhp And An Akrapovic Exhaust - Used Cars

This bagged the RS6 a remap, a free-flowing air filter and a full titanium Akrapovic exhaust system with carbon tailpipe finishers. The latter still works with the car’s original butterfly valve control system, so it doesn’t have to be shouty all the time.

The Daytona Grey bodywork is said to be in “superb condition,” with the only damage comprising a couple of stone chips on the bonnet and a scratch on the rear bumper. It sits on spotless diamond-cut 21-inch wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sports, and while you’re peering down there, you’ll also notice the factory-fitted carbon ceramic brakes.

Audi - This Used Audi RS6 Has 720bhp And An Akrapovic Exhaust - Used Cars

It’s been serviced every year of its life on Planet Earth, with the most recent work – which included a brake fluid renewal – carried out only a couple of months ago.

It’s up for online auction via Collecting Cars, ending on Monday 31 August at 9.00pm BST. It’s tricky to predict how much it’ll go for – the cheapest 2015 RS6s we’ve seen are around £38,000, although they’ve done more miles and don’t have any upgrades. At the time of writing, the bidding is at £31,000.


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